Sometimes the unexpected is really cool

Untitled, Black and White

The weather didn’t cooperate today – it was supposed to be nice and sunny.  I coated paper last night hoping to test the highlight issue on my sized, double-coated paper.  I checked the weather at 10:00am, and not only was it NOT sunny, it looked like a storm was blowing in.  So I headed off to shoot instead in the nice cloudy soft light.  Clouds and no rain, can’t beat that.

 After cleaning out the camera bag when the new camera came in, I discovered a cool filter lurking in the corner.  I don’t recall using it much when I was shooting black and white film, and I certainly didn’t expect the results I got when I used it.  Thank goodness for digital!  I deleted the “unhappy accidents” and kept the cool ones.  Who knew a center-sharp filter would produce this kind of result? (ok, maybe you guys did, but I didn’t!)

The image needs some work – this is pretty much the RAW file edited slightly for shadows.  I did notice the filter tends to produce somewhat muddy images straight off the camera.  If I’m ever going to try printing it in Cyanotype,  I have some serious tweaking to do or the whole thing ends up looking out of focus. 

I’m aware that you can produce similar results in photoshop with a clean image, but I’m not a big fan of post-shooting manipulations.  I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way, or at least, no  manipulation past what you could do in a traditional darkroom.


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