I think this is my next project

I love this pic.  I bought a bottle of bubbles on a whim the other day.  I think the neighbors are used to my weirdness, but sending a stream of bubbles dancing over the neighborhood is a new level of odd for me.   I tried photographing them during the day but kept having to put the camera down when my prints were done.  After the printing finished, I chased bubbles around the yard until dusk caught me.  Bubbles are harder to photograph than bugs!  

I’m in a very happy mood today – I finished up with the technical side of things.  I’m so proud of myself!  I managed to make my own step chart (chartthrob didn’t work with my version of photoshop) figure out the right color I needed, and refine it down to another color that works best.  After that, I managed to handcraft my very own curve – all this from a mathematically challenged individual.  I have a stack of step charts 20 deep now, but who cares, this stuff looks good!

"Checkmate" from the series "Verba," Cyanotype

It would look a lot better scanned if I wasn’t so cheap and re-used the back of the bad prints.  One more reason to go with a thicker paper – you get two for the price of one.  And yes, in case you’re wondering – this print really is dark and gloomy because of the (deliberate) choice of lighting.  The tonal range and contrast is identical to the original black and white – I’m unashamedly happy about getting the sized paper to work the way I want it to. 

Now that I’ve gotten the details down it’s time to start seriously printing.  My show is scheduled for this September at Sow’s Ear Studio, not all that much time to finish up.  This will be my first show, so I’m super excited about it.


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