Oakland Cemetary isn’t quite as large as Albany Rural, but it’s equally interesting and overgrown.  Apparently the iconic Uncle Sam originally lived in Troy, NY and is buried in Oakland.  The cemetary is across the river – I don’t usually visit because it’s a longer drive than to Albany Rural.  I couldn’t find a certain crypt in Albany Rural that I wanted to reshoot though, so I retraced my steps to Oakland and managed to find it. 

As always, I saw a ton of wildlife.  After a bit of research on the web, I discovered that the large mammals I saw several times (and almost broke a leg in their burrows a few times as well) were in fact, groundhogs or woodchucks.  It was slightly disconcerting to see large holes under tombstones and under graves.  They were extremely shy and I couldn’t get a decent pic of them even with my long lens. 

Despite its name, Oakland has a lot of maple and cedar trees.  One of the maples was buzzing – what looked like a swarm of honeybees was circling around a hole in the trunk.  I’m not sure if something got into the hive and disturbed it, or if they were planning to head out to a new hive – either way, I wasn’t sticking around to see. 

Shooting in a cemetary is an interesting challenge for me.  I don’t want to photograph the tombstones – that gets boring and old after the first few shots, so it challenges me to think differently and look for things to photograph that I wouldn’t normally notice.

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