ISO tests

I’ve been mucking around with my new camera recently trying to figure out the limits and capabilities.  This shot was from a series of ISO tests in a low light setting with the camera’s auto ISO setting .  I wanted to see what settings the camera usually chose as well as how bad the noise factor was at the higher levels.   I should actually print everything to compare side by side, especially after I tested the noise reducing capabilities of the program that came with the camera.

It seems that the auto feature routinely sets the ISO higher than 800, which isn’t usually acceptable for me.  Perhaps the noise isn’t too bad, but I would rather adjust the shutter speed than risk more noise.

Overall I’m really happy with the camera, although I will continue to manually set the ISO and everything else.   The details for this shot are: Canon EOS 50D, shutter speed 1/60, Ap. 4.5, ISO 1600, shot on AP mode with a 50mm f/1.8 lens (and a few closeup filters.)  It looks like I had the high ISO noise reducing setting on as well, although I didn’t realize it. 

I love the smell of warm, ripe blueberries.  It’s the essence of summer for me, loaded with memories from my hometown.  You haven’t been hot and sweaty until you picked your own blueberries under the merciless July sun in Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike the bland, tasteless versions from the grocery store, picked in Chile and sent thousands of miles across the continent, these blueberries were bursting with flavour. 

They were so ripe that they had to go straight into the freezer, made into jam, or eaten by the next day.  The actual picking wasn’t very fun, but it was worth it when you could bake blueberry muffins in the dead of winter that reminded you of summer.  Not that Atlanta really had much of a winter. 

I’m reminded of that fact now that we’re living in a place that has real winters.  The locals crowed over the “mild” winter we were having while I eyed the 5 foot high snow walls beside our driveway, hoping that it wouldn’t dump again that week because I really didn’t know where I would put any more snow. 

Harsh winters make the short summer we have here seem all the more precious.  I’m enjoying the summer produce from our local farmers – these blueberries are from one of the farmers that bring produce to the weekly farmer’s market down the street.


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