St. Agnes…again….

I am so tired of cemetaries.  I’m sure if you’ve been following this blog at all, you probably are too.  I promise, I’m done wandering about old graveyards.  Right now I’m finished – or more likely, I’m finished shooting for both this upcoming show and a photo contest that St. Agnes is holding.  St. Agnes, by the way, is a part of Albany Rural, but is fenced off in its own separate grounds. See for details.

I think the winner from last year’s contest was an infrared color pic.  I probably have no shot at winning, but a $400 first prize is enough to galvanize me into reshooting when my initial pic was a bit blurry.   As for the show, I have a few extras to print that will give me editing wiggle room.  I already bought the frames – no turning back or adding pics.

I tried my new “lens” while I was there.  After reading I decided to bite the bullet and drill a hole in one of our 3 body caps.  (sorry for the long links – I know I can shorten them, just too tired to figure it out at the moment.) I had a laser drilled pinhole plate from a cardboard kit camera from college that I used because the odds of me getting the hole smoothed and small enough on my own were low.  Here’s the result:

I am NOT happy with this blurry crap.  If I wanted blur I could just try to manually focus my 50mm lens.  Good thing I didn’t go buy the expensive dust free version.  I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but I’m guessing it’s the distance from the digital sensor to the pinhole.  I’ll have to go do some reading up on the subject and experiment a bit.  It did showcase a few dust specs on my sensor, yay me!  Guess that means I get to clean the sensor manually – something I’m terrified to do in case I screw it up or void the warranty.


2 thoughts on “St. Agnes…again….

  1. Same problem with the blur, but that’s the risk I took as well. Sorry to hear about the dust issue…how big a hole is yours? I really like the photo, though. I think the soft, dreamy effect gives it a surreal feel, something fitting for a cemetery.


    • I think I’m particularly annoyed at the blur because I’ve actually used this pinhole to produce decent film negs. I know it’s possible, it’s just not happening with the digital camera. I’m not sure what the size is, but it’s super tiny – about the size of the very pointy tip of a needle poked through, not the entire needle. I just need to experiment a bit – I figured there was a reason the internet kept bringing up pics of cameras with cardboard toilet paper tubes mashed to the body cap lol. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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