Moving on: the next project

Ever had that listless, unsure feeling when you finish up a project and don’t quite know what to do next?  I’m getting that feeling, and this cemetary project isn’t even officially finished.  Almost.  Not there yet, but getting there.

I’m leaning toward going backwards.  I started a project a while back (I do that a LOT) and abandoned it in frustration.  I knew what I wanted out of it, but I couldn’t get the photographs to look decent – they were either corny, cliché, or uninteresting.

I blogged about the whole self-portrait thing much earlier from a different viewpoint.  This project is similar – a self-portrait series, but not a direct portrait.  I’m not vain enough or gutsy enough to sit in front of the camera myself.  Instead, this series involves a stuffed animal (corny, right?)  Even worse, it’s a black sheep.  Lamb.  Whatever.  Metaphor for my life right there already.

It’s rather spineless and won’t cooperate, but the plan is to take it around town with me for a few specific shoots.  I have ideas – always! – and sometimes they actually work out.  So far this is the only pic I’m remotely happy with and even it needs to be reshot because I took it in the auto ISO days before I tested the camera and all that.   Well, maybe it doesn’t need reshooting – I’m planning to cyanotype print these things on leftover paper scraps I have that are pretty small. 

I love printing 4 negatives off of one sheet of transparency – something about small prints makes me happy even while I’m itching to print large.  It’s that lovely relationship with paper and books I have probably.  The texture, the feel, the weight, it’s so much more tactile than stupid little digital files.     

I’m still working with the square format.  That’s part of the problem, actually – composing photographs in a square is soooo much more difficult for me than 35mm.  Not that my camera actually does 35mm format because it’s a crop body (meaning the sensor is smaller than the 35mm format) but the ratio is pretty close. 

The only thing that’s certain about the next project is that I will most likely change my mind.  Several times.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go with a color project about food instead! (and I’m not kidding – that’s something I’ve also been working on since last summer.)


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