Ann Lee Nursing Home

I spent part of the day today trying to get a few conceptual shots.  When I finished shooting what I came for, I wandered around the Shaker site again. Today I spent most of my time walking around the old nursing home.

The Shaker state historic site shares space with the old Ann Lee nursing home.  It was closed in 2008 according to the state website, but it looks like it needed some upkeep for a long time before that.  The body of the home is constructed of brick, but the paint is peeling and any iron surfaces are rusting pretty badly.  Vegetation is taking over, although you can tell they still run mowers around the place and try to keep it looking decent.

Nursing homes are by nature somewhat pathetic and emotional, but the barred windows and weedy garden are beyond sad.  I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but some of the interior lights are still on (I think people still use offices in there based on the cars I saw parked in the lot.)  In a few years, people will probably claim it’s haunted – it certainly has that forsaken aura around it.


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