Postcards are here!

Tea toned cyanotype, from the series "Doors of the Dead"


The postcards for the show finally came – I’m super excited about it.  Somehow, having everything look all official and stuff makes the whole thing seem more real.   As is normal for gallery cards, one of my photos is on the front and the back lists details of the show and reception.   It wasn’t exactly normal, but I designed the cards for the gallery since I shot the photos of the work myself.  No way I was going to pay someone else to do it. 

Those college graphic design classes finally came in handy after all.  The actual image on the front of the card is here – the general consensus was that image would best represent the body of work.  If I hadn’t had to worry about bleeds and trim lines I would have used one of the Verba images.  Trying to print a square is an exercise in futility. 

Even though none of my family is going to be able to make it to the show I still plan to send postcards to them.  If they didn’t live halfway across the country, I would have my own personal cheering squad there.  You guys are the best – love you!

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