Ten Mile Creek

Huyck Preserve is a really interesting place.  It’s a non-profit nature preserve and biological research station that includes a decent sized lake, Renssalearville falls, Lincoln pond, and the remains of a  felt mill below the falls.  I’m sure there are more ruins throughout the preserve, but I have only seen a portion of it.   Check out their website for more information and to see some of their pics. 

Supposedly it only takes 60-90 minutes to hike all the way around Lake Myosotis.  I call bull.  Granted, I’m out of shape and someone could probably fast walk the whole thing, but that lake isn’t small.  Given that I take photo breaks and detours, maybe it truly does only take an hour. 

The falls are fun to photograph, but I’m still struggling to get a decent pic of the many stone walls crisscrossing the preserve.  They’re old, covered in moss, and visually interesting if you could subtract them from the horde of trees.  I haven’t yet come up with a good way to capture the walls yet, but I’m still trying. 

I’m hoping to visit Lincoln pond at some point, but unless I’m allowed to drive there like members can drive to the lake I probably won’t be able to get that far.  Call me naive, but I think the private not-for-profit setup is better than if the preserve was a state park.  It’s truly a jewel of a preserve, and it looks like most of their visitors respect that.


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