PYO – or pick your own (farm)

I knew Indian Ladder Farms was a PYO for apples – since I got mine from the farmer’s market last year by the bushel (applesauce for days!) I didn’t bother to go pick any.  This year that might change.  The crop looks hearty and I’m tempted to beg my grandmother-in-law for her apple butter recipe and try making it. 

Because I was sidetracked by a storm today and missed my planned hike, I was able to stop in at the farm and see what they had.  I missed the last of the PYO blueberries and strawberries were long gone, but the raspberry section was ripe for picking.  At $4.50 per quart, that was a super deal.  That’s per quart – not the tiny 1/2 cup portions the grocery store sells for the same price.  It took me about 30 minutes or less to pick 2 heaping quart baskets full. 

I don’t normally photograph things in full sun.  I made an exception for these because they’re tiny little gems of a fruit and I love the way the sun shines through them.  With 2 full quarts of raspberries I need to freeze some or come up with a creative way to use them before they start squishing and molding.


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