Prints are done!

"Acerbitas" from the series "Verba" Coffee toned Cyanotype


Something always happens at the last minute – always!  I finished cutting all the mats and mounting the prints, only to have the glass break on the very last frame. 

The entire show will be twenty-five 11×14 frames, five 20×20 frames, four 16×20 frames, and a couple of small 10×10 ones.  The glass that broke was (of course) from one of the 20×20 frames.  So, I spent part of my weekend getting more and more panicked as we searched town for a replacement.

20×20 is an odd size and these frames were cut a bit too small.  Because of that the glass was a snug fit – too snug – it broke when I opened the frame up.  The simple solution – exchange the defective frame for one that was less tight – wasn’t possible because the store was out of that size frame. 

3 stores later, we finally found someone who could cut glass to fit the frame so that they would all match.  The glass cost more than the frame originally did, but I was desperate enough to pay it.  

Now that the project is finished and ready to hang it’s on to the next project.  I haven’t quite decided what that is yet.

2 thoughts on “Prints are done!

  1. Congrats on completing the project, must be a huge relief, and hopefully an amazing feeling of accomplishment too.

    I’m kind of bummed that I’m on the west coast and won’t get a chance to see your show now, I’m sure it will be amazing, =)

    Keep up the amazing work, I love checking in to see your new photos every few days, its inspiring.

    ~ Jocelyn

    • Thanks Jocelyn 🙂

      It’s a huge relief for sure, but I won’t get the feeling of accomplishment until I see them on the walls. Right now they’re just a stack of frames in my living room lol!

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