Over thinking things

I have a tendency to over think my shots – I worry about composition, lighting, and the noise factor.  Film cameras produce grain, digital produces noise. I don’t really like either of them.  Usually my attention to detail pays off with decent shots that are exposed ok and don’t have a ton of noise.  This photograph is a prime example that perhaps I shouldn’t worry as much about the little stuff.

I had one shot at this photograph – a “helpful” lady in the group decided that I really wanted a photograph of the dress form without the plastic covering it, so she grabbed the plastic and lifted it up.  Even when she released it, it didn’t fall back into the smooth lines and lighting that caught my attention in the first place.

I took a quick shot before she grabbed it and didn’t have a chance to change the ISO.  It’s really noisy.  It was badly composed because I ran into a barrel and couldn’t adjust my angle.  The plastic bag itself is annoying because the symbols on it didn’t fit the look I was going for.  Even with all of this, it’s still my favorite of all the shots I took – with or without the bag.  I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I thanked her and snapped away to make her happy. 

Even with all of the wrong parts I like the shot.  It’s not perfect.  Still, it captures a lot of what I was going for, and I’m happy with it.  I would love the chance to go back and try again but I don’t even know if things would be the same.

I’m starting to realize that my “style” leans more towards evocative than documentary.  All of the shots without the plastic (except for a small portion at the neck of the form that looked like some bizarre scarf) are detailed, exposed ok, and try to show as much of the form as possible.  This shot captured the mood.  That’s something I want to continue working towards in all my work.  Perhaps ignoring the small stuff will help with that.


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