Descending to a new level of Geekiness

I’m lusting over dice.  Not these.  Good heavens no, these are his – no self respecting girl geek would be caught dead using gray blah dice.  I’ve claimed the blue one for now, and I borrow the orange one as needed.  No, the dice I’m drooling over are made of semi-precious gemstones.  I love the smokey quartz ones  but the peridot dice are gorgeous too.

So why am I oohing over dice?  Seriously, who in the “real” world has any use for a 4-sided dice, much less a 20-sided one?  It’s all because of a game.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are levels of geekiness.  You could replace that with nerdiness, but geek implies a level of technological expertise so I prefer it.  I started out as a teen in a high level – like Dante’s Inferno, the deeper you go, the worse it gets.  Or better, depending on who you’re talking to.  So here’s a rough breakdown of the levels of geekiness according to me:

  1. Reads Science Fiction.  It’s much more “realistic” than #2, or at least, tries to be. 
  2. Reads Fantasy and goes to the Ren fair (Renaissance fair.) 
  3. Casual MMO player (Massively Multiplayer Online {game} think World of Warcraft here.)
  4. Raider MMO player – logs on every Friday night to kill the big kahuna with 11 other people.
  5. Plays Magic the Gathering, D&D, or other card games.
  6. MMO Role Player“Wherefore art thou, O Hobbit?  I’m off to kill an orc, toodles!”
  7. Dedicated – has sections of Starwars memorized and/or speaks Klingon.
  8. Role Play – goes to Fantasy Conventions dressed as a Dark Elf or Darth Vader.
  9. Hardcore Role Play -picks up their kid from school dressed in a flowing cloak and carrying a fake sword.


I started at about a #2 level, and everything went downhill when I got married.  It wasn’t long before I started playing MMOs, beta testing (the ultimate geekiness of MMOs,) and now I’ve reached level #5.  I’ll probably be LARPing before you know it – that’s Live Action Role Play for those of you not familiar with it. 

Anyway, why do I need dice for this game?  Simple.  You start the game with 20 life points, and a 20-sided dice makes keeping track of things simple.  Of course, if you gain life or need a counter for a card, the rest of the set comes in handy as well.  I hear the tournament guys (yes, they have tournaments for this game) use the 52mm dice – that’s almost as big as a baseball!

For a card game, this one is complicated.  It’s basic enough to start with.  Add on specific abilities, forced attacks, and booster abilities and things get pretty complicated.  I’m not very good at it – no tournament player would forget to draw a card or attack their opponent without carefully thinking out their strategy, but it’s fun.  I won’t say it’s cheap.  Some of the mythic rare cards sell for $60 or more per card, and one of the earlier cards – a Black Lotus – is well over $400 according to what I’ve heard.

So.  Back to the dice – I’m still dithering about the color.  Who knows – if I actually get one of these sets, I might end up making a piece of jewelery out of one – they’re so pretty! Not a geeky response, but I’m a girl.  Get over it. 

Disclaimer – while I might seem to be poking fun at those more serious about geeky stuff than I am, don’t let it fool you.  I have the greatest respect for those who take their passion to extremes – especially LARPers.  It takes a great deal of courage and not caring about what people think to do something like dress in plastic armour and trade blows with someone else.  Besides, it sounds like fun!  Who wouldn’t want to act like a kid again?


2 thoughts on “Descending to a new level of Geekiness

  1. I won’t comment much.. I knew quite a few who were into the Magic game, and honestly it never made much sense to me. Gets too complicated IMO. DOn’t get me wrong, I like complicated, but I rather stick to chess or scrabble. Probably because that’s a one time investment too, I rather put my money towards other things.. say more photography stuff.

    In anycase, I would still consider myself a nerd, not even sure if I am at Geek status with much.. meh

    • It’s complicated for sure – and the investment is huge, but he already has a pretty large stash of vintage cards from when the game first came out. So I can build a deck fairly easily with what we have.

      And more photography stuff sounds really nice too! 😉

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