The Blind Frog

Walking along a creek these days is amusing.  Every few steps you hear a “plop! plop!” as the frogs sunning on rocks dive into the water to escape.  Nevermind that they can easily hear clumsy me coming, or that I’m nowhere near their rock – “plop! plop!” it is, and I can never seem to get close enough to catch a photograph. 

I met this little guy in the middle of Plotter’s Kill.  I eased toward him, expecting him to jump for cover like every other frog I came across, but he sat there and ignored me.  I popped out the close-up filter and started snapping.  Eventually I was about 6 inches away from him, kneeling in the muddy gravel and getting the camera strap wet.   Finally,  I dislodged a rock and made a splashing noise and he jumped into the water.

It wasn’t until I was editing the photos from that shoot that I noticed something odd.  All the other frogs had dark brown or black irises, but this one was milky blue.  I didn’t get a look at his right eye so I don’t know if he was totally blind.  Still, I was making enough noise that he should have reacted – which makes me wonder if he was also deaf.  Assuming frogs have ears.  Do frogs have ears?  Earholes?  They can hear me walking, so I assume some sort of auditory capacity exists.


6 thoughts on “The Blind Frog

  1. lol this entry made me chuckle. I love frogs, and they are indeed hard to photograph. Speaking of which I need to dig some of those photos up. Anyway, not sure if that color in his eye is just due to the angle or if it’s a cateract or something. Anyway, many animals will remain motionless because they think they are hidden well and have not been spotted, rabbits do this a lot and if you are careful in how you approach, making sure it’s kinda in a sideways pattern you can get closer before they bolt. Still kinda odd he let you get within 6 inches, only other time I was able to do this was during mating season and it was at night.

    They do indeed have ears, easier to see on some frogs than others. Birds have ears that look similar, well ear marks? I can’t think of the scientific name. Anyhow, nice capture, I love frogs, probably one of my favorite animals overall.

    • They’re fun to chase with the camera, but a challenge for sure! I do think his eye was truly that color because all the photographs I have of him (at different angles while I approached) have the same color. Odd little guy.

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