The kitchen “series”

It’s difficult to photograph a reflective surface.  Somehow, I didn’t quite realize how light plays across a shiny surface – it’s fun to attempt as well as challenging.  I’m sure if you had the proper software that CSI trots out in almost every episode, you could extrapolate my image, the camera brand, and facets of my house from this photograph.

It’s amazing how a close-up photograph will reveal imperfections that you don’t notice in normal use.   As mentioned in my last post, this photograph is part of a set of abstracts – the subject matters are predominately from my kitchen.  I’m eying the interesting little miniature robot we have from Hexbug  for my next set of shots – it’s something only a geek would love.  Well, most kids would like it, but this one bears a disturbing resemblance to a large cockroach. 

I’ve never really worked with abstracts before.  I’m stretching my concept of what a photograph should be with this challenge as well as pushing my visual “eye” to work harder.  What is an abstract to you?  To me, it’s texture, light, lines, and visual interest with a subject matter that’s impossible or difficult to identify. 

This isn’t my best shot, I know that – it’s pretty obvious.  But… it’s interesting, and I found the play of light and line worked for me – especially considering what the things actually are.


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