I am now famous….

"Peace" tea toned cyanotype from the Doors of the Dead series


Just kidding!  I’m pretty happy about this though – and super excited.  I’m in the press!

A small local newspaper, the Spotlight, picked up my press release and decided to write a short feature on my show and the gallery.  Although a few technical details are wrong (yes, I do stash the pics on the computer first, can’t print them without doing that) and one horribly misspelled typo that makes me writhe (tossing dreams into the mid? should be wind) it’s a great write-up.  We didn’t do a long interview, so I’m impressed with the reporter’s ability to stretch a few sentences into a full-page article. 

I even got a full color spread of images – not that you can really tell, since my images are rather monotone to start with.  Still, it’s impressive and gratifying to someone who’s a no-name artist just starting out.  In fact, although I knew the article was coming out, I actually discovered it on a kiosk in a store while I was out.  Now that’s a rush – looking over at the newspaper stands to get an idea of what’s going on, and seeing your photograph on the front page.  An itty-bitty photograph in the sidebar, but I would recognize my work even if it was mutilated.

Many thanks to Jackie, the awesome reporter who did all the work – and mucho thanks to everyone else involved.  I’m off to do a happy dance in my kitchen!  Woohoo!


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