October blues

Fall and spring are two of my favorite times of the year – everything is in a state of change and it’s exciting.  Spring brings promise of growth and life, and fall offers the last glimpse of life before things go into the hibernation of winter.

Right about now, I’m seriously considering changing my opinion.

We’re officially into October now, and here in upstate NY it’s all about bright leaves, crisp apples and crisp nights, and lovely scenery.  That doesn’t include my neighbor’s chrysanthemums (hate those things!)  We’ve got the crisp part correct, sort of, but it’s also wet and mushy around here.  Add a nasty cold rain into the mix and the situation just becomes miserable. 

Fall isn’t supposed to be miserable! 

I guess I’m one of those people who depend far too much on the weather for their mood.  If the sun is shining I’m happy.  Even if there’s snow outside, the sun makes my mood lift.  If it’s raining and nasty, then I’m a morose, pessimistic individual hunkered down in a sweater beside the heater and complaining.  Like I am now.  Speaking of, I don’t recall having to turn the heat on during the day at this time of year before – hope that doesn’t bode for a long hard winter.  Now THAT is enough to really put me in a bad mood.  Nothing like shoveling two sets of sidewalks to make a person annoyed with the snowplow guys.   

So for now, it looks like I’m going to be desperately combing my house for more abstracts.  I really don’t feel like getting all cold and shivering trying to photograph some slimy leaves.  For now, I can drag the leaves into the house to photograph instead.  (and then I can clean up after one of the cats who thinks the leaf is a cat treat.)

On the bright side, the DoT guys finally finished paving the majority of the street.  We even got our driveway bit paved as well – no more strip of gravel separating our driveway from the new asphalt street.  I have to hand it to those guys – they were out early today in the nasty rain trying to finish up.


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