Pine Bush Preserve

The last week has been full of nasty cold rain.  So today, when the weather forecast cleared up enough to dry some of the rain up, I headed to Pine Bush for a brief walk and some fresh air.  And every once in a while, the sun would peek out of the clouds and liven things up.

They say we’re supposed to get nice sunny weather this weekend.  If that promise holds true and doesn’t dissolve in another mess of windy rain, I might actually get some cyanotypes done this weekend.  It’s enough to make me seriously consider a good UV unit, assuming I had some $600 extra to spend on nothing.  I don’t, so I won’t, so it’s a wishful want, not a need.

Although the paths at Pine Bush were a bit soggy, the foliage was happy enough.  All of the tender ferns have long since succumbed into crispy skeletons to the early frosts we’ve been having.  Here and there a few asters bravely bloomed, and I actually found a solitary Echinacea (Black eyed Susan) in a sheltered part of the path.

This photograph isn’t the best – it shouldn’t be, because I was photographing blind.  It’s a really bad idea to look at the sun – either through your viewfinder or otherwise.  I set the exposure from another part of the sky, and blindly clicked away in the general direction of the sun.  Photographing the sun is one of those things you shouldn’t do, but every once in a while I try it just to see what happens.


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