Feeding the birds

I love songbirds – and I really wish we could set up a bird feeder and fresh water in our backyard, especially during the winter.  Since we have several neighborhood cats that love to stop by and play fight our cats though the kitchen window (goodbye screens, hello claws,)  putting out a bird feeder is more along the lines of providing a buffet.   Not a good idea.

So, instead, I’m adding some bird fodder to our garden.  Actually, I added it a few years ago when Lowes had some plants on clearance.  I happily pounced on the special grasses and plopped them into the front flower bed – this year, they’re actually producing some seed.  I would have to go dig up the pot tags to tell you exactly which type they are, but they’re nice and flowy ornamentals and even the snow doesn’t damage them much.  And unlike Pampas grass, they’re rather well-behaved and stay where I put them.

Still, they don’t produce seeds like the wild grasses do.  This photograph is from Pine Bush Preserve, and this grass grows in the wetland/dried up pond that refilled after all the rain we had.  The birds were having a grand time in the tall grasses, and I startled a few wild ducks (red, black, and white bellies, never seen that kind before) while I was taking this shot.  A stray ray of sunlight popped through the trees and lit up the seed pods while I shot, producing this lovely dappled image. 

On the not-so-bright side, I plucked grass seeds out of my sweater all the way back to the car.  Tenacious little buggers – if I had a damp enough area at the house, I could probably seed the entire flower bed with what was stuck to my sweater.


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