Show’s over!

"Perdo" - Verba series, Coffee Toned Cyanotype, 15x15

As of today, my show at Sow’s Ear Studio is over.  Well, technically it ended last Friday, but Rosemary suggested that we leave it up for the holiday weekend.  Tomorrow I go to pull the frames off the walls and schlep them home – at least, all the ones that are left.  Yup, we did sell a few of the smaller ones, yay!  I’m super happy with that for both our sakes – Rosemary gets the commission, and I get to pay off some of those frames. 

So, since the show is officially over, I have now put the entire show up in the Cyanotype Gallery at the tab on top of the page.  Some of the photographs have been posted before, about half have not.  I tried to stay as faithful to the original color as possible, but keep in mind that Cyanotypes are best viewed in person, and photographs emphasize the tooth of the paper.

This month seems to have flown by – only yesterday I was putting the frames on the wall and freaking out over the reception – nerves going nuts and all that.  Again, many thanks to Rosemary, Lauren, Joanne, and everyone else who came, saw, and commented.

Edit: The Doors of the Dead series is missing one photograph, previously published in this post.  Somehow I missed photographing the toned version, oops!

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