Selling out

“Surface Tension” toned cyanotype

I don’t usually do this – I hate blogs that exist only to sell stuff.  I’ll make an exception this one time and then limit myself to one little link on the corner of the blog.  Promise!

It’s taken me a while to set this up, but I now have a place online to sell my art.  If you haven’t checked out Cargoh yet, it’s a new etsy-style online store for independent artists, designers, musicians, and more.  It’s still in beta, so it hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet despite having many enthusiastic sellers.

The reason I chose Cargoh was because they’re picky.  Sortof.  They have a specific goal in mind and they don’t want to flood the market like Etsy has with its high signal-to-noise ratio.  To sell on Cargoh, you have to submit samples and a bio for approval by their team.  They plan to limit  multiples so that you won’t be buried by 50 pages of crappy cards when you search for baby shower invitations.   The plan is that only the best and the most unique will sell with Cargoh – we’ll see if that happens.

In case I haven’t said it before, everything you see on this blog is for sale if anyone is interested.  I try not to hard sell because it’s obnoxious, but I do need to fund cyanotype supplies and my new camera lens 😀  So, without further ado, go here if you want to visit my Cargoh store, and use the contact button if you’re interested in something you’ve seen on this blog (requires a new listing, but drop me a line, no worries.)

Edit: link removed.


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