Sea Grass

I love sea grass.  Baskets are one of my weaknesses (along with lovely pottery, glass, and gorgeous antique silver) and I recently went shopping for a set of storage baskets for my new kitchen shelf. 

In case you haven’t met sea grass before, it’s exactly what it sounds like: twisted strands of a small tan/green grass that grows by the sea.  It has a wonderful scent to it – the cashier didn’t agree with me, and said that the baskets “smelled horrible!” while I was checking out with them.  I snickered and told her if she thought those were bad, to make sure she doesn’t sniff the lacquered ones – they smell like old smelly sneakers. 

I don’t think sea grass smells at all – it does have a scent, but it’s a fresh wild scent that reminds me of the sea smells mixed with a sweet hay.  It smells clean and fresh.

The tag on the baskets confirmed once again why I love shopping at Target, as opposed to other big box stores that we won’t name here with surly employees and massive stores.  These sea grass baskets were made in Cambodia (I think, might be Vietnam) by people in small villages near the sea that harvest the sustainable grasses and weave the baskets.  It’s not quite a fair trade deal, but making these baskets keeps the local community vital. 

So instead of a nasty little “made in China”  slapped together basket that will fall apart in a year, these baskets will hopefully last a very long time, smelling sweet for years.   Of course, I paid greatly for the privilege of purchasing exactly what I wanted – but if it lasts a long time and makes me happy every time I smell them, I’m ok with that.  Sortof.  Watching the mounting costs at the register gives me a sick little feeling in my stomach.


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