The Holly (and no Ivy please)

Today, while brainstorming for this whole Christmas project, I felt the need to run to Lowes for some holly.  Really – I knew they would have plants and I hoped this would make my otherwise lackluster ideas pop.  I fell straight into temptation.

Anyone who knows me knows I love plants.  It’s the dirty, sweaty hard labour involved that makes me garden a bit less than I would truly enjoy.  That, and there’s no sense pouring money into a yard that you’re not planning on spending a minimum of the next 10 years living there.   That’s the only thing really holding me back when I visit one of the local nurseries loaded with native plants and bountiful perennials. 

Today, with frosts looming, Lowes put all their trees, shrubs, and perennials on clearance for 75% off.  Plant heaven!

So, I not only came home with my holly, but a small spruce, a Japanese maple, and two hydrangea with a long pedigree.  The hydrangea are planted already at my front door (on either side, should be beautiful when they get a bit bigger) but I haven’t decided what to do with the maple.  The holly will be cruelly torn apart for Christmas decorating – I can’t plant something in my yard that grows to 14 feet tall!  Total bill – $25.  Can’t beat that.

The only reason I didn’t come home with a 6 foot Alberta Spruce in a pot for a Christmas tree was that it was buzzing.  Every time I went to look at it I heard buzzing, and gentle prodding revealed a few yellow jackets.  I’m not transporting a yellow jacket nest home in my car!


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