For comparison’s sake

I finally got around to printing this image in cyanotype – the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated, but I forged ahead and coated paper despite predictions of cloudy skies.

I was a little worried that the image wouldn’t transfer to cyanotype well – sometimes if the image depends on details to bring the photograph together, the slightly blurrier version in cyanotype doesn’t work.  I’ve had a few images that I wasn’t happy with – I knew what they were, but no one else could tell.  Not good.  This one did pretty good, and to prove it, I’m attaching both the original black and white image and the scanned in cyanotype version. 

In fact, I originally posted the image in this post.  I’m really happy with it – this is the direction that I want to go with my work.  I’m tired of tack sharp documentary type images, and I love the way the depth of field conveys some emotional qualities that a sharp digital image doesn’t.  I’m sure some people will be annoyed by the out of focus bits, but I’m not stressing over it.

This cyanotype is literally still damp – it’s easier to scan in when it’s damp because my scanner doesn’t fit paper over normal letter size.  Once it ages for a few days, I plan to tone it (as always!) most likely in coffee.   I love the deep, rich black tone that I get from coffee when my shadows are that lovely cobalt shade.  The deeper the blue, the better the tone.

I’m reminded all over again just how much I love the cyanotype process.  When I don’t get a chance to print for a while it’s annoying and frustrating.  I think the process is just as important to me as the final image, despite getting really ticked that the weather and clouds aren’t working with me.  Sporadic sunshine is the bane of alternative printing!


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