Right outside my back door

I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t photographed much lately.  I have a few excuses to explain why but that doesn’t absolve me of the fact that I haven’t picked up the camera in a few weeks.   There is no excuse for that.

Today’s photograph came as a result of that shame.  I can’t go anywhere and photograph exotic stuff right now, so I plopped my shoes on and headed out to the overgrown, slightly wet garden.  Despite frosts and 2 inches of snow on Monday (it melted overnight,) the salt peas are plodding along desperately trying to finish producing their last few seed pods. 

As always, light fascinates me.  Translucent leaves begged to be photographed, and so I did, despite my hatred of harsh sunlight and the high contrast it produces.  Even with a raw file I couldn’t save the blown out highlights without losing the light through the leaves.

It’s humbling just how complex the world right outside my back door is.  It’s amazing how often I pass by and ignore it.  Photographers are supposed to see the world through different eyes – I, on the other hand, continually miss things that I should be photographing.  It’s a wake-up call to look – to really see what I’m missing because I don’t feel well, or it’s chilly outside, or whatever is going on at the moment.

So today I looked and I photographed.  It might not be much, but bear with me, I’m trying.


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