Listening in the silence

I’m in a good mood today, so today’s photograph is a flower that always makes me smile.  If you’ve never caught a whiff of the wonderful fragrance that stock (the flower’s name is actually stock, how blah) produces, you’re missing something lovely.  It’s best in small doses because it’s so strong.  Funny how a little flower can produce enough fragrance to cover an entire room.

Today’s photograph has absolutely nothing to do with my post.  That’s pretty common for me – my thinking process jumps all over the place on a normal day.  Besides, how do you illustrate a post on silence? 

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a person that functions best in silence.  Not that I don’t love music – if I’m doing something active like cleaning or what not, there’s nothing like a good beat to keep me going.  I love music – a lot of different kinds of music – but I love silence more. 

It seems like everywhere I go there’s noise.  If it’s not ambient noise like mechanical noises, cars passing by, or airplanes on a landing pattern (those things can make you temporarily deaf) it’s a television or radio blaring.  And if that isn’t enough, add in loud conversations, Ipods, and the oh-so-annoying and obnoxious cell phone ringers.  That doesn’t include the people who feel like they can shout their business to the world when talking on that cell phone.

The point is, we have a lot of noise in our lives.  At least, I do. 

It’s stressful.  You see, I’m the kind of person who likes the luxury of no distractions to sink deeply into whatever I’m thinking about.  Often times I’ll come up with a solution for my conceptual photography even when I’m not ruminating on it – out of the blue pops a wonderful idea, courtesy of allowing my brain to run freely.   And as much as I hate doing housework and yard work, 9 times out of 10, the wonderful idea happens because I’m doing something that allows my mind to wander while I finish up another mindless task that has to be done.

I blame this love of silence on my grandparents.  Every time we visited their house, the television would always be on.  Background noise.  It didn’t matter what program was on, or if the volume was a little too low to really hear – that darn box would always be turned on even during meals.  As I grew up and went to visit them now and again, I always wanted to just reach over and snap the thing off – after all, I’m here to talk to you – focus on me, not the box! 

You could just as easily blame my love of silence on a lack of patience.  I don’t know.  I call it a requirement of creativity – I do my best work when I’m focused and undisturbed.

Of Note: Stock is a short, squat version of a delphinium (totally different flower, just looks similar.)  This photograph is a close-up of one of the flowers on the stalk.  Although it smells great and looks rather cool, it has a distressing tendency for the stems to go utterly slimy after a few days. 


2 thoughts on “Listening in the silence

    • Care to add something constructive to that criticism?

      Note: just so everyone else knows, this guy is the one I mentioned in this post: He seems to think profanity laced emails are a professional representation of himself, and that attacking others makes him look better.

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