A little peace of mind


Life has this wonderful habit of throwing the strangest things your way.  I’m being overly optimistic here, because while yesterday’s happenings were strange, they weren’t exactly fun or wonderful. 

We have a “wet” basement – the old creek that ran across the farmland this house was built on was forced underground when houses and roads were built about 80 years ago: that creek seeps into our house, and when it rains, the seep becomes a flow.  Luckily, our basement system and sump pump keep everything dry and snug.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, the pump plumbing broke – allowing the water to shoot straight up into the air instead of going neatly into the pipes it’s supposed to drain into.  Since it was also raining and had been for the last few days, that meant we had about 10 gallons of water fountaining into the basement every 2-3 minutes.  Ouch.

I heard splashing and went to check things out – 10 minutes later, every bucket in the house was in use and I was frantically sweeping water back into the pump reservoir.

Thankfully, we have the ultimate peace of mind for homeowners with aging houses: a home warranty.  Within a few hours, the plumber was here and fixing the problem and we got away with a piddly little co-pay instead of a whopping huge bill. 

I certainly don’t want this to become a home warranty advertisement, but I have to admit, in this house alone we’ve more than recouped our annual fees for the warranty.  For example:

The AC died (blew a fuse in its little mystery box on the outside unit.)  Fixed!

The furnace water compressor died (floorboard water heating system) – replaced!

The dishwasher made ominous grinding noises: one broken bit removed from the motor, fixed!

The kitchen sink stopped up beyond the capability of Draino – and while the plumber was there, we had him replace the dripping faucet (drips not covered, bleh.)

The hot water pressure on the kitchen sink dribbled to nothing – one broken valve and a few feet of pipes later, fixed!

The AC fan died on the outdoor unit – now in the process of getting fixed, 4 wrong parts later. 

And most recently, the sump pump fiasco, fixed!

The last 4 items were all in this past year.

Everything considered installed inside the house is covered – the big stuff like a roof and siding are not, and small things like tree roots in the water pipes are not either.  But, more enough things can go wrong that are covered, so it’s really a good insurance to have.  We do pay a yearly premium and a co-pay every time a repairman comes, but it’s better than spending a lot because the water heater or the furnace died. 

So, I’m off to sort my taters that were stored in the basement and make sure none of them rot because of their unexpected bath.  Peace of mind is a great thing to have!

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