The day the pixel died

Digital camera are fickle beasties.  They rely on temperamental sensors to capture the image – in essence, a miniature computer is housed in my camera body.  And like all computers, they’re prone to have things go wrong for no reason at all.

Pixel death on the sensor is a big issue.  Since the sensor captures information, any malfunction means you’re not capturing information: in essence, you are clicking the shutter and not getting a picture.  Granted, the sensor is made up of lots and lots of pixels.  The death of one tiny pixel isn’t a catastrophe.  That one errant pixel can be cloned out, ignored by the camera’s software, and otherwise easily fixed.  No, the problem is – why did it die, and is it going to cascade into a block of dead pixels?

In case you’re scratching your head in confusion, a dead pixel shows up on your image as a bright red speck.  The larger it is, the larger a cluster of dead pixels you have.   And it’s not cheap to repair either. 

My dead little pixel is supposed to be covered by a warranty.  We’re close to the edge of the warranty and I’m fighting to send the camera in for repair as fast as possible.  The really nice Canon tech on the phone (hi Mike!) said they give you a little leeway because of shipping times and all that. 

So, my trusty camera is headed off to some repair factory in NJ.  I’ll be camera-less for weeks – not a pleasant prospect.  On the bright side, every time you send a camera in to the repair facility they’re supposed to clean the sensor (because they had the thing open and exposed.) So yay!  I can get out of cleaning the beast for a little while. 

Here’s hoping I get the beast back in a short time frame with pixels intact (and repaired for free.)  After all, it’s a tool.  A handy very tool that I can’t live without.


3 thoughts on “The day the pixel died

    • Good luck on the sensor record – I think cleaning the sensor is one of the most nerve wracking things a digital camera needs serviced. The dead pixels are something out of my control thank goodness!

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