Bare walls, blank slate

I rarely conceive a concept, shoot it, and print it with the sole intention of sticking the photograph on my wall.  It seems sort of tacky.  My usual way of doing things is much more casual: I shoot what I like, what fits my concept, and at the end of the day I pick a few of my favorites to go in a file of possibilities.  Sometimes those possibilities even end up on my wall if I get antsy and decide to redecorate.

Unlike my normal way of doing things, this image was shot purely for decoration.  I’m still having trouble deciding whether I prefer it in color or black and white.  I think I’m stuck on black and white these days – not a bad problem to have.

Over the Christmas holidays, I spent far more time on the sofa watching HGTV shows than I should have because I was miserably sick.  Not horribly sick, just blah and miserable.  And I noticed, even in my clogged sinus world of foggy brain, that a LOT of the “buy a house” shows lacked something important: something to decorate those bare walls.

It seems in their zeal to “stage” a home (make it look pretty and livable to the buyers) most of the sellers took out any personality from their homes, including a huge chunk of decor.  One single bed in a bedroom isn’t good staging: it’s bare and bland.  Now, obviously I’m not an interior decorator.  I’m also not a realtor.  It’s quite possible that home buyers prefer to look at a blank slate. 

I haven’t actually visited a wide range of homes lately.  But I do wonder – are all those homes on HGTV indicative of the standard home?  Is it really that difficult to decorate your house creatively and (big deal here for me) cheaply? 

I’m not saying you should run out and splurge on custom art or that cheap tacky crap that big box stores sell, but I’ve always thought it was important that your home reflect who you are.  It’s hugely important to me that I have something visually interesting to look at on my walls: blank walls just cry for something to fill them.

Luckily I’ve been a creative person since I was a little kid, but I do understand that not everyone is, or even appreciates creativity.  Still, even the most un-creative person can print a favorite photograph, dribble paint on a canvas or fill in geometric shapes for a reasonable price.  It’s not difficult.  And if you live with kids, you’re set to decorate for life.


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