The camera returns

Just in time for our big snow, my camera was sent home from the repair center.  Apparently the pixel wasn’t actually dead – somehow a stray piece of dust sucked itself onto the pixel and refused to come off. 

So the beast is home now, cleaned and spiffy and ready to go.  It’s a good thing too, because now I can play around with my new lens that I got for Christmas.  Since my handy little 50mm was in the process of dying, we’ve replaced it with another 50mm prime – but this one is the 1.4f version with ultrasonic stabilization.  I’m not quite sure yet exactly what that does, but it sure sounds cool.

Today I went clumping around in the snow with the camera and new lens, trying to capture a few good photographs.  I think I’ll have better luck with it when my fingers are less frozen!


2 thoughts on “The camera returns

    • Technically, no, it doesn’t give more bokeh. The bokeh is supposed to be better because the aperature has more blades than the 1.8 – eliminating the hexagonal bokeh. Honestly, it’s not a huge difference – the 1.4 is better in many ways than the 1.8, but “more” bokeh isn’t one of them.

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