Climbing out of a rut

I seem to struggle with my photography during the winter.  Until I actually started blogging (and posting photographs) I didn’t realize just how severe the problem was – during the summer I shoot enough to practically blog every day.  This winter, I’m having trouble finding worthwhile images that I don’t feel acutely embarrassed about posting. 

I guess that’s because I’m not really a cold weather kind of person.  When you add the difficulties of photographing in snow to that, my shooting schedule dips way down.  And today, while most of the snow has melted, the world looks far too boring and blah to head out there with the camera.   

So…time to try something new.  When all else fails, shoot flowers.  They’re gorgeous, each one is individual, and it’s a challenge to photograph them in a way that doesn’t copy other photographers or seem cliché.  With a subject like this, it’s much easier to get my arse in gear and go visualize something.  Even if I’m sitting in front of my window (my window with the lovely light) inside, I’m still challenging myself and exploring something new.

I think that’s a big part of the problem here – I’ve fallen into a rut of assuming that shooting inside, with subjects I know well, is boring.  So here’s something that came from pushing myself to be better – even if the final product isn’t that great.


2 thoughts on “Climbing out of a rut

  1. Nice! The other upside to photographing flowers in Winter is the sheer joy flowers bring to a season that can be a little…not drab, but…mono-chromatic maybe. I also like to occasionally grab some fruit or veggies to play around with, and then eat!

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