Nature’s sculpture


It’s not often that we get the right kind of snow that makes the trees into fantastic sculptures.  Every once in a while we get ice that serves almost the same purpose, but snow has a much softer look than the hard surfaces of ice.  It’s even more rare to get that kind of snowfall without any sort of breeze kicking in to knock the snow off in a matter of hours.

This weekend was a nasty one by all accounts.  It was a perfect weekend to huddle up on the couch with a blanket and a good book while the snow fell.  And it fell all weekend – from a smattering of flakes on Friday morning to a steady blanket all through Saturday morning.  When it ended (Sunday’s random flakes didn’t count much) we had about 6 inches of soft, fluffy snow.

I’ve always loved the spare look of bare tree branches in winter – it’s the essence of the thing exposed.  When the snow coats the branches, the trees become so much more – they gain in size.  And while I love them all, my neighbor’s Japanese Maple is my favorite tree.

This Saturday was a rare occurence.  Not only did the snow hold while we shoveled the driveway and endless sidewalks clear, it stayed on the trees for the rest of the day.  I seriously considered going for a tree photographing hike – until the sore muscles from shoveling kicked in.   Oww.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s sculpture

  1. ah yes, snow on tree shots.. I have yet to really capture all it makes me feel in one photos.. sometimes the grand scale of things must be scene to be totally felt. Doesn’t stop me from trying though

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