Learning blogging etiquette by osmosis

I’m not really that familiar with social networking and blogging, but I’ve noticed there seems to be an unwritten code of etiquette amongst bloggers.  At least, I assume it’s unwritten – I’ve probably missed some giant list of rules that’s tagged somewhere as must read information

As always with every new thing I try, I tend to read and absorb a lot before I venture out there and actually do something.  So while I haven’t read this list of rules, I got a good feel for what not to do when blogging. And, I have to admit, I do tend to get slightly irritated when I run across a blogger or two who don’t follow those unspoken rules.  It’s like cutting in line: no one usually says anything, but there’s a whole lot of people getting slightly disgruntled about it even though they’re too polite to do anything, and promptly forget it as soon as they leave the store.

Among those things I’ve learned are common sense rules like:

1. Tagging – excess tagging is irritating.  Better to have a few key tags on your posts than a paragraph of them.  I probably take this to an extreme as most of my posts only have about 5 tags at most. 

2. Plagiarism – don’t do it.  That includes “borrowing” someone’s photograph to illustrate your post.  Since I’m a photographer that’s no big deal for me.  And I certainly have more than enough things to yak about, no need to steal someone else’s hard-won writing.

3.  Use paragraphs.  Walls of text are never fun to read.  I tend to be long-winded, so this has been particularly helpful to me. 

4. Multi-posting is frowned on.  It’s cool to have multiple blogs, but pasting the same blurb onto 5 different blogs counts as spam.  I stick to one blog because frankly, it’s all I can do to keep up with content on just the one.  I can’t imagine having multiples!  ::boggle::

I do have my own personal pet peeves, like why on earth would you tag a post as photography and not put a photo in it?  Makes no sense to me.  And the Art tag – it seems that everything under the sun counts as art, including photographs of your trash can and dog – it’s a catch-all designation that waters down the posts by artists and galleries. 

I bet I’m still missing some of these rules, so feel free to educate me on the ones I’ve missed.  In fact, I’m probably breaking one right now, because my photograph has nothing to do with blogging.  It’s simply something I shot while housebound by some 15 inches of snow.


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