Let it snow, let it…wait, cancel that!

I’m feeling blah today – this week even.  This never-ending cycle of snowstorms (one every 5 days or so)  is getting on everyone’s nerves.  Every person I talk to complains they have no place to put any more snow!  I’ve probably spent more “time” with my neighbors in the last month than the last few years as we companionably shovel our respective driveways out yet again. 

Winter’s appeal is waning fast – whatever glamour snow had at Christmas has long disappeared.  While driving around town today, I was appalled at the carved out sidewalks where small snowplows have left walls of icy snow on either side of the walkway, leaving a narrow path for pedestrians to crunch their way along. 

What was once white and pristine is now dirty and nasty.  Every few snowfalls, the nasty snow is covered up by the new stuff, but the snowplows are struggling to clear the roads and end up splashing the dirty mess all over what normally stays clean. 

It’s early yet, but I’m longing for spring.  So here’s a photograph from last summer that makes me smile, even if it isn’t the greatest image in the world.  I’m in desperate need of something encouraging, so who cares if it’s a crappy image!


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