A little bit of spring

I’m ready for winter to be over with.  I can’t wait for spring, with its straggly tulips in my front flower bed and its carpets of wild violets across the street in my neighbor’s back yard.  While the snow pack has started to melt here, the smothered grass beneath isn’t exactly fulfilling my hunger to see something green.

Thankfully, I have a cat.

Actually, I have three, but the sickly one requires a steady supply of wheat grass to keep him happy.  He loves his wheat grass – it doesn’t seem right somehow that a carnivore gnaws on grass, but it’s essential to a healthy diet.  And the fresh ones from Petsmart make nice subjects for photography.

I promise, I didn’t oversaturate this image – the grass really is that green.  I don’t know what the company fertilizes the stuff with, but it’s vibrant and healthy looking when it’s fresh.  Since they grow it in practically no dirt (can’t have the cat making a mess dragging it out of the pot) it doesn’t tend to last long, even with frequent watering. 

That’s probably for the best, because a super moist environment of grass seeds and roots tends to breed annoying little fruit flies.  It annoys me to no end when Petsmart doesn’t quarantine infested shipments – and sometimes the new grass I bring home hatches out some tiny flies a few days later.  Not cool.  Not that the cat cares.

For now, spring resides in a tiny patch of grass sitting in front of my cats’ water bowl.  Hopefully soon I’ll be photographing violets instead.


4 thoughts on “A little bit of spring

  1. Hey,

    This was an entertaining post. I like the photograph of the wheatgrass. I too am sick of winter and cannot wait for Spring to come, yet the mudhole of my front yard doesn’t provide much satisfaction either. Maybe I’ll have to go buy some wheatgrass just to look at in the meantime!
    Thanks for sharing,
    – Nate

  2. Love this shot, simple, clean, and fresh. Just like the grass I’m sure. I hear you on the darn fruit flies, so hard to get rid of. Have you tried growing your own? (wheat grass not flies)… wonder if it would sprout like bean sprouts do? in a jar of some sort, or with cheese cloth over. And what about those things you can stick in the dirt that automatically water.

    Just ideas, probably one of those things you rather just spend your money on. Funny we never gave our cats wheat grass, but I spose they got it outside on their own.


    • I have tried growing our own, but for multiple reasons it’s easier/better to buy it. During the summer my local farmer’s market guys carry it for a lot less money, gotta love them! Since our cats are totally indoors – we live on a busy street with lots of snow during the winter – they have no chance to get outside and chow down. Pampered brats, yup 🙂

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