Food rants

I seem to be photographing a lot of food lately.  I blame it on my doctor, because she put the whole food-on-the-brain thing into motion.  Bear with me while I rant a little.

She suggested that I might need to change my diet a little and try to make sure I’m eating healthily.  She rattled off a few ideas, and mentioned the whole “3-5 servings of fruit and veggies a day” general rule. 

Now, I had always assumed we ate pretty healthily.  Granted, we probably eat too much protein and sweets.  But, we don’t eat out much at all, we don’t eat a lot of processed foods, and whole wheat is no stranger to our household.    

But, given that nebulous feeling, I figured I needed to go read up a little and make sure I was right – or wrong.  For example, I wanted to nail down that recommended “serving size” – since I had a vague idea that what a package calls a serving and what the nutritionists call a serving are two very different things.  So, I trotted over to the government website for the food pyramid. 

I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person.  I’m not a genius, but neither am I dumb (I think.)  I left that website with my brain reeling, no further informed than I was before I started. 

Why on earth can’t the nutrition people make things simple?  How about a few easy guidelines to follow, instead of calculating that I need some 2.5 cups of veggies (cooked means more like 1.5 and salad greens throw the whole thing askew) and exactly 1.5 cups of fruit?  It’s confusing and it doesn’t need to be.

I want someone to tell me things like:

  • 30% of your plate needs to be some form of cooked or fresh produce.
  • Chips and cookies are a treat, not a food source.
  • Eat these carbs, not those.

As it is, I got the impression that if I ate the recommended amount of fruits and veggie I wouldn’t – literally – have room for any protein or carbs.   And I didn’t even delve into the forbidden realm of healthy fats and dairy.  That would leave me utterly clueless.  

So, for now, I’m assuming we’re eating fairly healthily.  Until someone tells me otherwise, I don’t really know.


4 thoughts on “Food rants

  1. I know what you mean, sadly there doesn’t seem to be any agreement over what constitutes as “healthy” (except for maybe dark greens, like spinach!) But love the lemon photo! Nice shot, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey – it must be in the air. I have been thinking about similar things – and also have thought about adding a ‘food’ section to my blog, since I do cook every day, but don’t photograph every day. Thinking I would ‘kill two birds with one stone.’

    Healthy food is totally confusing. Even spinach is suspect. I was taking a meds and it recommended to not eat spinach, and on and on.

    Maybe we can form a foto/food blog group! 🙂

    Best wishes – c

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