Beaten by a flower

I’m stumped.  A “real” pro photographer wouldn’t admit this, but then, I’m not a real pro, let alone any kind of pro photographer.  I can’t seem to take a decent photograph of this darned flower (Amaryllis) to save my life.

After spending some time photographing it with the camera on the tripod and the whole setup, I’m frustrated.  Either you shoot it from a distance and get the entire thing in the shot, or you do some form of a weird closeup that makes people wonder what, exactly, is that?  The first method is slightly boring – after all, everyone and their mother can do that basic type of shot.  Nothing special there.  The second, while more interesting, is confusing.  Who wants to see a pistil and stamen when there’s a gorgeous flower?

I’m sure there’s some wonderful way to shoot this flower that I’m missing.  It’s frustrating to feel that I’ve lost my eye – there has to be something I’m missing.  It doesn’t help that the texture of the petals ends up looking over sharpened even without doing much to it. 

I guess for the next day or so I’ll be eyeballing this thing trying to figure out what I can do differently.  I’ll share if I come up with something spectacular.


7 thoughts on “Beaten by a flower

  1. play with light! That’s key with typical flowers.. It can make simple angles and parts of the flower way more interesting and dramatic. But I’m not a pro so what do I know, flowers are a bit of a passion of mine though.. so those are my thoughts

  2. well, I like it!!

    maybe an ant´s view?? the flower on the floor?? just trying to help, I´m not an expert.

    there is a woman called Elsa Marie Santoro, there is a link on my page, she loves flowers and maybe you can find some inspiration??

    and light, definitely, it can give it magical effects …

    keep us posted!!

  3. I know you like to keep things simple as far as focusing on a single subject, particularly with closeup aspects of the subject, but given the particularly unique architecture of the Amarylis’ structure, perhaps a complementary secondary subject, maybe that stuffed bear with his head slightly drooped to mirror the angle of declination of the trumpet of the flower petals (and focus on just one bloom).

    I have a feeling that the geometry involved in that might actually make for a good use of mixed exposure of the final picture, like if the flower were to be developed using one medium, and the bear another, but the two images are contrasted side-by-side (if not adjoining), facing each other, as if part of one original image.

    (I so wish I had the capacity with words to describe the picture I see in my head)

  4. Personally, I like the texture the second image brings out! Flowers can be frustrating, but remember you’re your own worst critic! I’ll bet with a little more work, you’ll come up with something even more amazing. 🙂

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