Turn off the tv – it’ll make you feel better

Now I remember why I don’t watch the news.  After sitting for over 3 hours in a hospital waiting room (timed blood tests, read why here) I noticed that the news didn’t really have much news at all.   And it’s really depressing.

Although I’m horrified by what’s happening in Japan – a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunamis hitting our west coast, Japan itself, and Hawaii – I feel overwhelmed by the non-stop coverage.  The same footage over and over, the talking heads giving their opinions – it all combines to feel incredibly distant and curiously unfocused.

In the few minutes that I actually spend reading online publications I picked up more pertinent details than 3 hours of news viewing.  No wonder the traditional news model is going down the toilet.

Non-stop media coverage really means non-stop blathering.  It has a numbing effect on me.  I almost wish that each major news story had some sort of mandated “positive” angle to it – I know that in the middle of all the disaster and heartache there are wonderful stories about people who are heroes, or places where the predicted ruin doesn’t occur.  Perhaps we’ll hear more of those later on.

Without offering any platitudes about life goes on or Japan will be in my prayers, here’s a small thing to brighten an otherwise horrible day: flowers are optimistic things, especially the spring ones.


4 thoughts on “Turn off the tv – it’ll make you feel better

  1. I have felt the same way for a long time. I don’t want to be ignorant to the strife of the world but presentation is everything. Plus who can take any more Charlie Sheen talk? My mother tells me that is why she only watches CNN.

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