A good day

Today feels like spring – the weather is in the 60s, the grass is actually showing, and my hydrangea are putting out tiny leaves.  I’m a little worried for them because it seems too early to leaf out, but the tiny green things are encouraging. 

On a personal note, my gestational diabetes test came back perfectly fine.  I don’t have diabetes – and I plan to celebrate with some cheesecake or something equally decadent.  After that news, my only concerns are minor things like which car seat we should purchase and getting slightly frustrated over the lack of decent baby boy hats in every baby store I go to.  Seriously, why does everything have to have monkeys on it, or bright blue trucks and trains?  Bleh.  Baby girls have the advantage when it comes to baby clothes.

Continuing the list of positive things, Sow’s Ear Studio is having the opening reception for the group show “Rebirth.”  Not only will I be attending, I have 4 items in the show itself – an exciting thing for me.  It’s an eclectic show from what I’ve seen, with everything from soft sculptures to oil paintings.  It should be a really interesting reception with multiple artists there.


2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. You have to celebrate!!!! That´s good news!! I come from a family of diabetics so I have to check the levels every year to be sure I´m still healthy and it´s always a relief!!!
    Beautiful picture!!! have a happy spring!!

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