Amaryllis, again

I promised I would reshoot this darned flower and post if anything better happened.  I’ve already posted a version of this as cyanotype, but for some reason the vertical version is much more fun.

Photographing flowers can be a challenge.  Not as much a challenge as a wiggling kid or an annoyed cat, but getting the flower to stay in the right position (and not move at all) is difficult at times.  This was one of those times. 

I woke up that morning and noticed instead of standing tall and proud, the amaryllis had drooped.  By the time I got around to shooting the thing, the stem was laying at a right angle over the edge of the pot, compressing the stem.  If you know anything at all about flowers, you’ll know that compressing the stem like that is a death sentence.  So, I got out the scissors, snipped the bugger off, and shoved it in a vase to photograph.

It wouldn’t stand up straight. 

The flowers at the top of the stem were so heavy I could barely keep the vase upright, let alone the stem.  So, time to improvise. 

Although I have a lot of images from that shoot (some of which I do actually like) this one is my favorite because of the clothespins.  They provide a sort of balance for the heavy flowers – a counterpoint to the smooth petals.  Yup, it looks funny.  I know that – but it’s still kind of cool at the same time.

The next day, the petals had turned to a pink slime that was rather gross.  It’s the end of a relationship that started with a bare bulb and progressed to a lovely flower, defying cats bent on destroying it or using it as a chew toy.  At least I got a few good pics out of it!


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