Just get out there and shoot

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m a tad lazy.  I get into a habit of ignoring the camera and feeling uninspired.  As much as I love what I do, sometimes I feel drained – empty of creativity – and picking up the camera just seems like too much work.  For an artist, that’s the death knell of my work.  I need to be creative – and sometimes, I have to force myself to try.

The good thing is that art is something like priming an old pump, if anyone has ever experienced that.  Those old wells with a hand pump at the top don’t just spout water if they haven’t been used in a while – you have to literally pour some water down the pipe and start pumping like mad to get the water from the well to come to the surface.  In photography terms, it means just get out there and shoot.

It doesn’t matter to me if I keep the pics or not, it seems that the act of actually using the camera starts the creative juices flowing and I end up with something, usually, that I’m excited about.  If all goes well, I’ll not only be excited, I’ll have a slew of new ideas swimming around in my brain. 

That’s what I did today.  I decided I was going to shoot a particular shot for the heck of it, and just see what happened.  10 minutes later I noticed something that’s been sitting in my kitchen for a while now and said “ooooohh, I can do that with it!”  And that ended up being the shot for this post. 

Granted, now that it’s on the computer (curse that 100% viewing option) I’m thinking I might need to reshoot with the camera on a tripod.  It’s a tad too blurry for my tastes even given the subject matter – anyone want to guess what that is? 

As an added bonus, the forced shots actually turned out ok – you’ll probably see one in a few days once I get around to editing it. 

Subject: insulated foil bubble wrap from a cat’s medicine that needed to be kept cool during shipping.  


6 thoughts on “Just get out there and shoot

  1. I’ll bet it’s bubble wrap! Of course I peeked but just the same, it’s an interesting photo and it’s well done.
    Sometimes I’m lazy, too. And I really love to shoot so laziness is my only excuse.

  2. good post… I have my moments of lack of motivation and lack of creativity… too often for my liking. And to be honest I think a lot of it stems from how many photos I have saved that I need to either sort and save, or work up and share.. it’s endless, because I do try to get out at least a couple times to shoot (even if it’s just the dogs or kitchen goodies)… I have SO many photos people have never even seen from various events etc. The curse of digital photography.

    Good luck with keeping the juices flowing, it is necessary for sanity IMO.

    PS. I guessed the subject before noticing your note on the bottom.. go me.

    • Good guess! And I agree, digital photography tends to deluge us in files. Since I come from a film background (print a contact sheet, pick out the few you want to print with really pricy paper etc) I tend to be utterly ruthless with my files. It helps – a little – but it also means I have less images to play with when I’m uninspired and looking for ideas in photos I’ve stored.

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