Shame on me

I did it again.  I picked out an image from a shoot that I thought had potential, and today, I looked at it and wanted to trash it.  I really don’t know if I’m being too picky – over editing – or if my initial reaction was far too optimistic – under editing.  Funnily enough, I don’t usually have this dithering problem when I’m working with black and white images.

I love working with color but it’s a difficult concept for me.  Getting the subject to balance color with form, getting the color right in the first place, and making sure that the exposure is right:  it’s difficult for me.  And I really don’t like feeling like a clueless idiot, so I’d prefer to get this under control and get on with shooting.

This is one of those shots where I had a bright idea and the end result just isn’t what I imagined.  I wanted to capture the translucent quality of the fruit with light shining through it – instead, I ended up with hot highlights and a really odd closeup texture. 

I’m truly a perfectionist at heart, so it’s extremely difficult for me to post this image knowing that I’m not happy with it.  But, since it’s what I’m working on at the moment, it goes on the blog for everyone to see.  Perhaps I’m too used to looking at the world in monochrome: I miss the vibrancy of life, or more importantly, miss the best way to capture it. 

Still working on it – hopefully I’ll get there at some point.


4 thoughts on “Shame on me

  1. It’s not a bad shot but if it’s not what you wanted, you’re the boss. Try to slice the fruit very thin so that the light shines through and brings out the texture. You will get the shot you want but most importantly you’ll learn in the process. I know because I consider myself a lifelong student that never stops learning.

  2. I like black and white for some pictures. But for others, I like the true colors. Yep, difficult to get them at times, I saw a violet light and it turned out blue in my camera and didn´t know why so I had to get familiar with temperature and all related topics and still, sometimes I fail to reproduce the true color.
    For this type of fruits, I slice them in very thin slices, thin enough to make them translucent, that´s my trick!!

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