Thank goodness for small blessings

Rarely have I been so thankful for rain, but this weekend is one of those times.  We here in upstate NY were scheduled to get a snowstorm on, of all days, April 1st.  April Fool’s day – with about 7 inches of snow.  I was understandably NOT happy about it because it seems as if spring has finally started to arrive. 

A few of my daffodils were starting to come up, the temperature has been delightfully coatless, and my next door neighbors had scheduled their roof to be replaced.  7 inches of snow didn’t exactly thrill anyone I talked to, but they all sighed and said it was to be expected – that’s the kind of weather we get.

On the big day, it did indeed start to snow: big fluffy flakes that drifted down with mocking slowness, settling on the wizened grass.  But, oh joy of joys, it didn’t stick!  The roads were clear, our sidewalks were clear, and eventually, the snow turned to rain.  Glorious rain. 

It really never snowed after that – we got a good bit more rain that cleared up in time for the roofers to come finish the job in the blazing sun.  It’s raining now too, but despite the gloomy sky and the sound of my sump pump working hard, I can’t find it in me to complain.  No snow! 

I don’t really care if it was nature’s April Fool’s joke on us – we didn’t have to shovel any slushy, nasty snow this weekend and that makes me truly happy.

4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for small blessings

  1. I love photos of buds in the spring and this is a really nice one. I’m also in Upstate NY and I’ve had enough winter this year, time for a change.

    • It just won’t stop – that stretch where we we had a snowstorm every week was overkill – I’ll be very happy when spring get her roots set in and refuses to leave. I was hoping someone might recognize this tree: it’s not a pussy willow, but the buds/catkins feel very similar. Fuzzy!

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