Brain fog

I always thought that certain aspects of pregnancy were overblown and exaggerated.  After all, you’re having a kid – not going on mind altering drugs or experiencing a mental illness.  I’m learning – the hard way – that boy, was I wrong!

Luckily I’ve escaped the stereotypical aspects of pregnancy (so far) like horrible morning sickness or swollen ankles.  Physically a lot of things are changing – it’s only to be expected – but overall, it’s been a fairly easy pregnancy as other moms would rate it.  But, I’ve recently developed the dreaded brain fog.

WebMD calls it pregnancy brain fog, mommy brain, momnesia, or pregnancy amnesia.  Luckily studies have concluded that the effects aren’t permanent, but it’s not a myth.  We forget stuff.  Our brains don’t work the way they used to, and sometimes it seems like our short-term memories are shot to hades and back. 

So instead of briskly completing tasks that I know I have to do (I don’t do anything briskly these days anyways) I spend a good part of my time wondering exactly what was I supposed to be doing, where is this or that item, and gosh darn it, I forgot the milk at the grocery store again!  I’ve turned into a mindless slug that prefers oozing on the sofa to trying to complete anything simply because it’s too difficult. 

For example, it took me hours yesterday to finish designing a birth announcement.  It’s not that difficult of a task, even if I was actually designing the thing in Illustrator myself as opposed to simply plopping photos in an online template.  I had good reasons to do it myself (1. because I can 2. it’s much cheaper and 3. I couldn’t find a design I liked) but that didn’t stop me from forgetting easy keyboard shortcut commands, dithering over placements, and forgetting to leave space for the date.  (All the final details will go in with the photos after the birth – but otherwise it’s ready to print.) 

Ugh.  It’s like I have cotton wool up there instead of brains, and I’m none too happy about it.   

That’s probably why this image has nothing to do with anything – it’s just the way my brain works right now.  Something along the lines of “oh, I should photograph that…it looks cool, maybe it should go on the blog too! ”  Given my current mental state, it’s amazing that I even know which end of the camera to hold up, and that I’m not shooting with 3200 ISO.  



2 thoughts on “Brain fog

  1. well, you can always use it to your advantage!!
    “oh really? I´ve bought a ticket to Paris? cannot believe it!! ” or “I don´t recall having bought 30 pairs of shoes”

    But what´s done it´s done. Who can say no to a pregnant woman??

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