Feeding the kiddo

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately – the kid’s schedule has left me with less time lately.  Add that to the increased laundry, ack! and my free time has gone way down.

So, excuses aside, here’s what’s on my mind at the moment.  It has nothing to do with photography, sorry about that!

A recent editorial in the NY times caught my eye the other day: a column by Nickolas Kristoff on Africa titled The Breast Milk Cure.  Kristoff’s “cure” for childhood malnutrition, is, not surprisingly, natural mother’s milk.   All in all, his basic premise is correct.  Too bad he didn’t actually consult a lactation expert, or heaven forbid, a nursing mother.

Actually, the comments section (as always) was more interesting than his column.  It’s amazing in this day and age just how much myth and ignorance abounds over such a basic human function. 

Kristoff says that he doesn’t understand why more mothers don’t feed their babies breast milk here in the US as well as Africa.  According to his numbers, only about 13% of mothers here in the US breastfeed.  That’s a really low number for something that’s natural and instinctive.


Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s easy, or even that instinctive.  It’s pretty darn hard, and we didn’t have any special problems like tongue-tie to deal with like some moms do.

It’s also time-consuming.  I feel like I’m spending the majority of my time with Corbin.  Sure, it’s great bonding time, but the kiddo is a slow eater.  And he’s fairly normal according to the La Leche League. 

One of the commentors in Kristoff’s article said that a newborn only requires about 15 minutes of feeding every two hours, and that you can feed them while doing other things.  I wanted to howl – that’s sooooo wrong!  As a newborn, Corbin initially took a minimum of an hour to feed, and there’s no way you can “walk around” while feeding a newborn. 

So I can forget any kind of “me” time right now – simply feeding the kiddo and trying to keep up with minimal chores is consuming my entire day.  And while I’m tired of making excuses, it seems that returning to my work as an artist is going to have to stay on hold for a little bit longer. 

I don’t regret that – after all, I’m doing something really important for my child.  Time has become a very scarce resource for me, and I regret what I’m unable to do because of that.


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