St. Agnes, 2011


It’s that time of year again – I’m rushing to send in a photograph to the St. Agnes photography contest.  You may remember that last year I groused a little bit (ok, maybe more than a little bit) about the judges’ choice of first place winner not being particularly fair.  St. Agnes closes its gates at dusk – the first place winner was Chuck Miller’s photograph of star trails over the cemetery.  Not a bad photograph, but not fair to the rest of the photographers who played by the rules and took daylight images.


If you’re interested in seeing the image, go here to read his blog post about the Altamont Fair photography results.  (Chuck, if you follow this link back and read my post here, congrats on the second place win – that Palace theatre photograph was lovely.)

So, I found it rather funny when I read the rules for this year after printing out the form: it spells out that only images taken when the gates are open will be eligible.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one a tad peeved!

I had every intention of photographing St. Agnes last winter to get some snow shots, but a combination of bad weather and klutzy late pregnancy prevented me from doing that.  So, this week Corbin and I took his new baby carrier for a test drive at St. Agnes.  Now that he’s big enough to hold his head up without extra support, I finally got the ergonomic baby carrier I had planned on so that both his dad and I could carry him.  He sits facing me in a cushy shell and the harness goes over my shoulders and around my waist to distribute his 17.5 pounds.

Despite the nice breezy weather, I was sweating up and down the hills at St. Agnes, swatting mosquitoes at every step.  For some odd reason the skeeters are really bad right now.  Corbin got bored with looking at tombstones and crypts and ended up taking a nap while I shot.  That actually helped – his wiggling caused several of my images to blur when his head bumped the camera.


It was rather nice to be back out on a photo shoot – the first since Corbin was born.  My days are consumed with baby – and my nights are somewhat sleepless still.  Here’s hoping I have better luck at this year’s contest than I did last year!


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