Full of excuses


That’s what I was today.  Corbin and I went out for a quick run to Indian Ladder Farms after the rain stopped.  On the way there, we passed something that caught my eye, and I debated turning the car around and getting the camera out.  I had plenty of excuses: the baby is asleep, it might start raining again, I really don’t want to turn around and go back, it wasn’t that great of a possibility, it’s just too much effort, and so on.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t stop and get the camera out, despite my creative side nudging me to do so.

After we got to the farm and did a quick photo shoot in the pumpkin patch – he’s soooo darn cute!  we bought our cider, farm fresh brown eggs, and headed out to see the chickens and the goats before we left.  Since the baby was in a decent mood – no screaming – I backtracked in hopes of seeing what caught my eye again.  Hit the brakes, turn on the flashers, grab the camera, and go shoot for a few minutes while keeping a weather eye out on the baby.   A very nice gentleman slowed down and asked if everything was ok: I’m proud to announce that chivalry still exists, albeit conveyed by a pickup truck instead of a white horse.


It might not be the best photograph in the world, but I’m happy that I caught it.  I made time for creativity today and I’m the better for it.   (Note: next time, creativity needs to prompt me to clean up the shot by removing protruding sticks and stones.)

6 thoughts on “Full of excuses

  1. Good for you!!! Not only for going back, but for a nice image. I have tried this year to keep myself from doing the “that’s nice, I’ll come back” because I have found that too often when I DO come back, the wall is totally painted….

  2. You take beautiful images, and have a great eye, this is a wonderful composition. You know, I never think about whether I’m an artist or not at all…and I don’t much care either way…I just love the feeling of picking up the camera and processing the shots, it’s the doing rather than the finished product that most draws me. But I do think you’re an artist, and I wish you the best with your work and your adorable little one!

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