The loss of freedom

I’ve said several times that this blog is really a photo journal of what I’m working on at the moment.  I’m just a tad embarrassed because I’m working on ::gulp:: nothing right now.  Not my choice exactly. 

Nope, I’ve been ordered to take things easy for a bit and spend time vegging on the couch with my cats.  Talk about annoying.  Not that the cats mind too much.  So this blog will probably languish a little or I’ll be posting random photographs from a while back that never made it to the blog.  It’s a good time to scan in some of my film images, so I might be posting a few of those too.

Today’s photograph is my neighbor’s maple tree.  It sits across the street from us, and right now it’s slowly losing its leaves; they’re drifting with the odd breeze down to the grass and making a bright carpet.   All this cool weather we’ve had at nights has really brought out the colors – even our green maple has turned a bright yellow instead of its usual brown and wrinkled offering. 

Because it grows in their front yard, every afternoon it glows in the light of the setting sun.  Orange leaves turn into flames, and I feel the urge to go worship at the “burning bush.” 

I love maples.  In the spring they send out fanciful sets of wings that twirl all over the neighborhood (and end up growing a bumper crop of maple seedlings in my yard.)  The new leaves are spiky gold and copper that suddenly burst into the iconic maple leaf shape.  They’re sturdy trees – the nasty ice storm we had a few years ago didn’t ruin our trees like some of the other weaker ones in the neighborhood.  And in the fall, we get a wonderful display of color that the other trees just can’t compete with.  I won’t even delve into the glories of maple syrup.

I should mention that I haven’t tweaked this photograph – the colors are as-is from the camera.  Yes, the sky really was that blue.