Angled, again



Time flies.  Trite, but true!  It’s been a few months since I posted last.  I’ve got to stop saying “sorry” because obviously, this is the hallmark of the new, not-so-improved, mommy me.


Anyway, I did it again.  I shot a photo at an angle (accidentally) and ended up liking the shot because of the way it framed the subject.  And yes, it’s wholly accidental – when your two year old son offers you a strawberry (and you’re 8 months pregnant sitting on the ground) the only way to capture it in time is to throw the camera up and click the shutter!

I do have to point out that it looks deliberate.  That makes the sin of the angle a little less problematic.  If you happen to get a slight angle in your image or the horizon isn’t completely straight, it can sometimes look like you accidentally goofed and just weren’t paying attention.  This was deliberate.  Yup! 

Corbin and I went picking strawberries this season, and unlike last year, he actually ate all the ones he picked instead of squishing them.  None of them made it in the bucket, but that’s ok.  Quite a few made it on his shirt, so as far as photography outings go this wasn’t truly a winner.  And I have to note: yes, he does actually have scars on his face, that’s not strawberry mess.  The poor kiddo face-planted off the sofa into the carpet and skidded a bit.  I seriously considered editing out the evidence but we can’t remove all the less-than-happy memories from our photographs.  It’s not very truthful, and someday we might (might!?) actually laugh over the incident.


Hopefully the next time I post there will be brand-new baby pics of the new little one. 


It’s official: spring is here to stay

It seems that spring has truly arrived here.  I could be wrong and we’ll get a massive snowstorm in the next week, but the weather has turned mild, thankfully. 

The birds are singing at 4:00am today (don’t ask why I know this) and the trees are showing a nice haze of green.  I think we’ve had more than our fair share of rain this month, so when the sun came out I grabbed the chance to capture a daffodil in my backyard.  They’re hardier than they look – this one held up through a few cold nights and kept blooming despite the possibility of frost a few days ago. 

Happy spring everyone!

A little bit of spring

I’m ready for winter to be over with.  I can’t wait for spring, with its straggly tulips in my front flower bed and its carpets of wild violets across the street in my neighbor’s back yard.  While the snow pack has started to melt here, the smothered grass beneath isn’t exactly fulfilling my hunger to see something green.

Thankfully, I have a cat.

Actually, I have three, but the sickly one requires a steady supply of wheat grass to keep him happy.  He loves his wheat grass – it doesn’t seem right somehow that a carnivore gnaws on grass, but it’s essential to a healthy diet.  And the fresh ones from Petsmart make nice subjects for photography.

I promise, I didn’t oversaturate this image – the grass really is that green.  I don’t know what the company fertilizes the stuff with, but it’s vibrant and healthy looking when it’s fresh.  Since they grow it in practically no dirt (can’t have the cat making a mess dragging it out of the pot) it doesn’t tend to last long, even with frequent watering. 

That’s probably for the best, because a super moist environment of grass seeds and roots tends to breed annoying little fruit flies.  It annoys me to no end when Petsmart doesn’t quarantine infested shipments – and sometimes the new grass I bring home hatches out some tiny flies a few days later.  Not cool.  Not that the cat cares.

For now, spring resides in a tiny patch of grass sitting in front of my cats’ water bowl.  Hopefully soon I’ll be photographing violets instead.