Finding my voice

I haven’t been blogging long, but a brief scan of my posts pointed out to me that I seem to have no style.  No artistic voice, as it were.  My photography is all over the place – everything from cyanotypes to nature to random odd shots.  I say “seem” because it’s not totally the truth.

This blog has taken the form of a photo journal.  If I stuck to only cyanotypes every time I posted (because that’s really more my artistic form) I would rarely post.  I am a photographer – that means I shoot a lot.  Not all of those shots are good.  In a year’s time I’ll probably look back at the archives and blush because much of what I posted is utter crap and I was too close to the shot to see it.  While I post a lot of photographs and some inane babble to go along with them, I think I can safely say my artistic voice shows up in my cyanotype work more often than not.  

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that an artistic voice or “style” is something you do in post processing.  I tend to view it more as a type of seeing, or shooting.  I print my cyanotypes from the strongest selection of my photographs, but I still shoot them the same way I shoot raspberries or thread spools.  That’s not to say my “Style” is set in stone – I would hate for that to happen because it means I’ve stopped experimenting. 

I guess I’m saying take this blog with a grain of salt (all 4 of you who are reading it.)  It’s more of a journal that tracks my life as well as my photographic processes.  It’s not a professional site, it’s not a marketing tool, it’s not a “pat-me-on-the-back-and-say-I’m-wonderful” site.  It truly is an accurate record of what I’m doing right now.  And I appreciate you reading – I do!  If my mistakes can entertain people or keep them from doing the same thing, all the better.  At the end of the day though, I’m doing this for me.  And I do apologize if you subscribed and I’m spamming your inbox with posts.


4 thoughts on “Finding my voice

  1. I’m catching up with your blog this morning and the first thing I thought was how you are carving out a true niche with your most recent photographs. I love what you are doing…they are beautiful, deeply moving, and slightly abstract. Keep it up; I am so impressed!

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